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Reconnect-Issued Smartphone Program Policy
Reconnect-Issued Smartphone Program Policy

Interested in leasing smartphones for your participants? Find more information here.

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Reconnect-Issued Smartphones

Reconnect provides the option for programs to lease smartphones for their participants. These phones allow people who otherwise do not have or cannot afford a phone to be included in the Reconnect system.

How to Program Works

Reconnect provides the phone device and the cell phone plan. We configure the phone capability based on the Mode option selected above. We ship you the pre-configured phone and you are free to distribute it to participants within your program. Phones may be re-used repeatedly with different individuals as needed. If you need to switch mode types, contact us and we can remotely reconfigure the device to another mode.

Phone Plans

There are two phone plan options available:

  1. Kiosk Mode - The Reconnect cellular device is completely locked down. The phone will only run the Reconnect Community app. No calls, texts, apps or web access are allowed.

  2. Reconnect Select Mode - The Reconnect cellular device has Call & Text functionality, plus internet access and allows other apps to be installed. We request the jurisdiction’s direction on approved apps.

With both modes, the ability to change the time/date, or uninstall Reconnect Community and other apps, is turned off.

General Info and Onboarding Guide

As a reminder, phone service can be paused or un-paused. When you’re ready to use a paused phone or need to place a phone line on pause, please follow the instructions outlined on the support site. Changing plan status is subject to our service provider’s billing cycle. Should any issues arise with the shipment or the smartphones in the field, please reach out to our Support team through our online chat or by email at

Lost, Missing, or Damaged Phones

You are responsible for keeping the phones in good condition, though normal wear is acceptable. If a phone is lost or missing, you should report this to Reconnect immediately so we can suspend service. Lost, damaged, and unreturned phones are subject to a fee.


We will provide more accurate delivery information once the order has been placed, but phones will typically ship in under two weeks.

End of Program

If you decide to end the use of Reconnect phones simply contact us for return instructions and a shipping label to send the phone(s) back. Phones (and accessories) must be returned within 45 days of receipt of the shipping label. Unreturned phones are subject to a fee. Upon receipt of the returned devices, a final invoice will be sent for any outstanding data costs, missing accessories, and device damage. You may be charged if phones are returned damaged or without all accessories or if the returned device is deemed unusable. The lease cost for returned devices will not be refunded.

More Information

  • To pause or un-pause your smartphone service, please use the following form:

  • There is a $5 monthly fee for paused devices.

  • To order more devices, please visit

  • When issuing a device to a participant, please enter the number from the back of the device in the Reconnect Smartphone Identifier field on the client’s profile.

  • What’s included in your shipment:

    • Phone with case, charger, and charging cable

    • Program welcome letter

    • Participant welcome letter(s)

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