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Respond to an Assigned Form
Respond to an Assigned Form

Complete assigned forms from Reconnect Community instead of needing a paper form.

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Note: This article is designed to help program participants using the Reconnect Community app. This information can also be found on the participant support site -

Submitting a Form Response

If you have been assigned a form, it will show as a tile on your Task list in Reconnect community. It will show which form you are assigned to fill out, and will show the date and time that completing the form is due. If you have a form assigned for the future, you can scroll to that day to see the assignment. You will not be able to open the form before the window it is available, so if nothing happens when you click the tile it means that the form is not available to you yet.

To submit a form response:

  1. Go to the Tasks list in Reconnect Community. This is the first screen that you see when you open Reconnect.

  2. Click on the tile for the form. It should open right away. If it does not open, that means that the form is not open; it may be before or after the window.

  3. Respond to the form questions. Use the Next and Previous buttons to navigate between pages. You won't be able to click the Next button if there is a required field on the page that has not been filled out.

  4. The dark orange bar along the top to the form will show you your progress in the form.

  5. The last page of the form will have a Finish button instead of the Next button. You won't be able to click on Finish if required fields have not been filled out. When you are done with the form, select Finish.

  6. Some program staff require photo check-ins when they assign forms. This means that you may need to complete that photo check-in after clicking Finish. Follow the steps to take a photo after submitted your form.

Here are some examples of forms in Reconnect:

Form Drafts, Approval Status, and Submission History

To view your form submission history, edit a draft, and view the approval status of forms you have submitted, go to your "My Account" screen by clicking on the profile icon in the top right corner. Then click on the Form Submission tab.

You will see the title of the form, if you have filled the form completely and submitted it, the Pending, Approved, Draft, or Rejected status, and when it was submitted.

Pending: You have submitted the form and program staff has not approved, rejected, or sent your form to draft.

Approved: Program staff has reviewed and accepted your form submission.

Rejected: Program staff has reviewed and rejected your form submission.

Draft: Either you did not complete the form and did save it as a draft OR program staff has reviewed your form submission and requested that you change your response and submit it again.

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