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Enter your own events into your Reconnect calendar.

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Note: This article is designed to help program participants using the Reconnect Community app. This information can also be found on the participant support site -

You can enter your own events into your Reconnect calendar. These events will be sent to your case manager for approval. Your case manager will be notified of your submission and notified if you miss the check-in, are not at the location you choose, or are not in the photo in the check-in.

When you make an event, it will have a required check-in around the start time. The window for your check-in will start 15 minutes before the Start Time (or immediately if the start time is within 15 minutes) and stay open for 15 minutes after the Start Time.

This can be turned on and off for different accounts, so if you do not see the orange plus then you won't be able to submit events.

Creating an Event

To create an event:

  1. Click on the orange plus icon at the bottom center of the app to add an event.

  2. Click "Submit an Event."

  3. Add an event title. Make it as specific as needed.

  4. Select the date, start time, and end time of the event. You will have a check-in around the Start Time that you select.

  5. Type the address for the event. You can enter a street address (e.g. 123 Main St) or a place name (e.g. St. Paul’s Church). It does need to match with a Google Maps address. Click on the correct address from the list.

  6. After you have selected the address, a map will show up. You can move the pin if it is not in the right place. When you do a check-in, it will check your check-in location against the place you dropped the pin. Your case manager will be notified if you were not there.

  7. A place name will also fill out based on the address entered. You can change this.

  8. Use the URL field to enter a website if applicable. This is useful for virtual meetings.

  9. If you would like, enter a description.

  10. Tick the “Send me a reminder” check-box if you want a notification reminding you before the event starts.

  11. Select “Save” when you are done. If you can't Save, that means that a needed field has not been filled out.

Tip: If you want to start a check-in right away from the event that you are scheduling, just schedule the start time to be within 15 minutes. The Start Time must be in the future; it cannot be the current time or a time in the past.

Editing an Event

If you need to make changes to an event you already submitted, you should speak with you case manager. They can help you remove the event so you can add a new one with the correct information.

Checking in for an Event

  1. Fifteen minutes before the start time, you will receive a notification alerting you that the check-in window has started. You will get notifications until the window closes 15 minutes after the Start Time.

  2. A check-in task will appear on your Tasks List in the app. It will be separate from the event details and will say "Required Check-In."

  3. Click on that tile to open the camera and submit the check-in.

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