Note: The Reconnect Community app is for participants, not staff

The Reconnect Community app requires Android 6 or higher and works with most iOS versions.

  • Download for iOS (iPhone) or Android Devices. Another option is to scan the QR code on a Client Info Sheet to download.
  • The participant must be entered into the platform before they will be able to log-in to the app
  • Once the participant has downloaded the app they will log in using the same user name and pin found on their info sheet
  • They will be required to grant permissions such as Share location, Allow access to camera, Allow access to Photos and Allow access to phone. Then tap Continue.
  • If participants will be using the app to check-in it is important to have them set Baseline Images by going to the main screen > tapping on the my account icon in the top right corner then select Baseline Image Capture and follow the prompts.
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