Complete a Daily Check-In

Complete your daily check-ins to learn if you need to report for drug testing.

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Note: This article is designed to help program participants using the Reconnect Community app. This information can also be found on the participant support site -

Completing a Daily Check-In

Daily check-ins will tell you if you need to submit a drug test on a given day. If your system uses Reconnect to notify you if you need to go in for a drug test, you will see a tile on your task list called "Daily Check."

Here are the steps for checking in and learning if you need to report:

1. Go to the Tasks page of your app. This is the first screen that opens in Reconnect Community.

2. Find the “Daily Check” task tile. The times listed below the title show your check-in window. You are not able to check-in before your window starts and you should check-in before the window ends. You can still check-in after the window closes, but it will be counted as "Late" and notify your program.

3. Click on the Daily Check task to check-in. Your camera will open and a “Detecting Face” message will display.

4. Hold the phone so your entire face is visible.

5. When your face has been detected the message will change to “Face Detected. Blink Slowly.” If it does not detect your face after 30 seconds, it will show you a circle shutter button to press to take the photo.

6. Blink to take the photo. When completed, you will see a “Blink Detected” message.

7. Wait for the check-in to process. This may take longer with poor internet connection.

8. A pop-up will show telling you whether you are required to test, as well as a confirmation code for the check-in. You may want to record the confirmation code to verify it later with the person running the program's drug test selection.

9. Completed daily check-ins will show on the tasks page under the “Completed” section. The task tile does continue to tell you if you were selected for sample collection.

Tips for Successful Check-Ins:

  • Move to a well-lit area so the camera can easily detect your face.

  • Make sure you are connected to WiFi or have good service before starting the check-in.

  • Remove any face coverings or hats before taking the photo.

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