Reconnect does not invade your privacy. The Reconnect Community app uses permissions that you set to allow it to do certain things.

Reconnect Community only collects this data:

  1. What kind of cell phone you have and what operating system is on your phone.

  2. If the court orders it, where you are located.

  3. If you text with your case manager or P.O. on our app, we save that text.

  4. If you send a photo to your case manager or P.O. using our app, we save that photo.

  5. If you have a video call with your case manager or P.O. on our app, we save that video call.

  6. If any of the following items occur, the system will show you as not connected: you turn off the needed permissions; you turn your phone off or put it in airplane mode; your battery dies.

  7. Your case manager or P.O. may also be notified if you aren’t where you should be, or don’t respond to check-in requests.

Reconnect Community does not:

  • Access any of your data or monitor which apps you are using.

  • Have access to your pictures, unless you send one through our app.

  • Listen to your phone calls. We also don’t record anything not sent through our app.

  • Read your texts that aren’t sent through our app.

In general, we only access your location and save other information when you have interactions with your case manager or probation officer through the app.

You will need to accept these settings:

These must be enabled for the Reconnect Community app to work properly.

  • Turn on notifications: so our app can push reminders, check-in requests, etc.

  • Turn on location services: When you check-in, we log where you are. If the court deems it necessary, we may monitor where you are all the time.

  • Other settings: Some phones often require adjustments to battery settings, so the phone won’t shut down the app when it’s not in use.

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