Baseline Images

Take baseline images to help the app confirm that you are the one completing check-ins.

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Note: This article is designed to help program participants using the Reconnect Community app. This information can also be found on the participant support site -

Baseline Images

When starting to use the Reconnect Community app, there is a task for taking baseline images. These photos are used to confirm that the photo you take with your check-ins is you. Any future photo check-in that you take will be compared to these pictures automatically.

Staff of your program approve the photos that were taken before the automatic comparisons begin.

Tips for taking the best images:

  • Be ready for the picture before clicking on the task tile

  • Find a well-lit area

  • Take off any face coverings or hats

  • Do not obscure your face when taking the photos

How to take baseline images:

  • From the Tasks page, select the Baseline Images task tile.

  • Follow the prompts on the screen. You will be asked to take photos of: Front view, side view - look right, side view - look left, look down, look up.

  • Once the photos are taken and sent to your case manager for approval, the task will show as that the images are under review.

  • The task will turn green when the images have been approved.

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