Device Requirements For Reconnect Community

The Reconnect Community requires certain functionality to work on a client's device.

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The Reconnect Community app requires that a device have certain functionality in order for the app to work properly and efficiently. Fortunately, most newer models meet these requirements.

Device and Operating System

It is recommended that client devices use the following operating system versions:

  • iOS: iOS 13 or later.

    • Some clients are successfully running Reconnect Community on iOS 11 or iOS 12 but our compatibility with those versions is on the decline and we strongly recommend a higher OS when possible.

  • Android: Android 6.0 or later

    • To utilize Reconnect’s video chat feature, Android users must have Android 8.0 or higher.

To find out what operating system a device is running on, follow these steps:


  1. Go to the Settings app

  2. Go to General and then to About

  3. Find the Software Version on the About screen


  1. Go to the Settings app

  2. Go to About phone and then to Software information

  3. Find the information under Android version

Device Functionality

Devices must have the following functionality for Reconnect Community features to work:

Does the device have GPS?

The device must have a GPS-enabled chip for our location verification functionality. Almost all standard phones have this, but to check that it is turned on follow these steps:


  1. Go to the phone’s Settings app and then to Privacy

  2. Find Location Services and confirm that is On


  1. Go to the phone’s Settings app

  2. Go to Location

  3. Confirm that location is On

Does the device have a front facing camera?

The device must have a front facing camera. The front facing camera will be used for photo verification of the client for check-ins and facial recognition. You can usually see the front facing camera when you are looking at the phone screen, but to confirm:

  1. Open the Camera app

  2. Look for the option to switch between the selfie and photo mode. If you can take a selfie then there is a front facing camera.


The battery should be able to support daily use with the app always running in the background. Many devices use battery optimization meant to preserve the life of the battery by turning off apps that are not actively being used. This has specific impacts to Reconnect Community, which remains running in the background when participants do not have the app open. Allowing battery optimization on a device may cause connectivity issues, lapses in notifications, and violations.

Battery optimization is especially common with newer Samsung devices. In some cases, these settings may need to be adjusted to ensure the participant receives all notifications from Reconnect Community.

Does the device have Bluetooth?

The device must have Bluetooth capability. The easiest way to check for this is to swipe up or down (depending on the device) to bring out the settings panel, as Bluetooth shortcuts are usually available there.

Noncompatible Devices

While most smartphones meet all the requirements to allow Reconnect Community to function, there are models that are not compatible with our app:


TMobile REVVL devices are not considered compatible with Reconnect Community, as clients using these devices consistently experience issues with app notifications. Reconnect suggests that clients who need to receive app notifications do not use these devices.

Android Go

Devices running Android Go, a light version of Android, are not considered compatible with Reconnect Community. Android Go does not allow the correct permissions and access to run the app correctly. Reconnect suggests that clients do not use these devices.

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