The Community Events feature on Reconnect Manager allows you to create events that would involve more than one person and save time by not having to create the event for all users individually.

The Community Events allow you to specify several aspects of accountability. You will be able to add:

  • Location Verification
  • Hide or Unhide from the Client's Calendar
  • Reminders

How to Create a Bulk Community Event

From the side navigation bar, you can select the Events tab. Then you will select Add Community Event.

It will be important to have the address of the event if a location verification is necessary.

Selecting the Client Groups

Ideally, you would have your client groups already created and sorted out. This would allow you to more easily assign Bulk Events to specific groups or all at once.

The second and last step will be to select who this will apply to. After adding your Community Event Details, you will be able to scroll down the page to a client page. Here you will select the groups that this will apply to.

If you wish to exempt certain individuals, you can remove them from the event by selecting the Red X on their row's right side.

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