Clients are experiencing issues with using Reconnect Community app or an event that limits their ability to follow their daily check-ins. This may cause an issue with allowing users to maintain accountability and to verify whether they are required to rest or not. These situations may disrupt the processes that your facility may have. Some steps can be taken to help alleviate these problems. They are alternatives to checking-in, or they can be forms of troubleshooting that can be done.

What to do if the client still needs to check-in for testing but is currently unable to use the Reconnect Community App

Depending on the settings and terms that your facility may have gotten when joining Reconnect, there is usually a call-in line option that most facilities have. The phone number can usually be found in the top right of the Reconnect Manager Dashboard. If not available or cannot be found, Reconnect Support will gladly assist.

The call-in line will be an automated system that your clients may use to check-in via telephone. Everything that is required for them to use will be their Testing Pin. When they call in, the automated system will walk them through the appropriate steps necessary, once the information has been inputted and confirmed, the client will receive a notification on whether they are required to test or not, and the call will be concluded with a confirmation number for their records.

How to check the record of the call-in event.

In the same way that you will check the client's check-in through the Reconnect Community app, you will check when the client called in. The record will give you a confirmation number that will match the confirmation number that the client got. The record will also indicate whether or not they are required to test. The overall check-in report will indicate the check-in in the same way as the other check-in providing the check-in time, testing, and any violations that may have been incurred.

Things to Consider

  • Any phone number can use by the client to call-in. The phone number from where the call was made will be recorded if available.
  • This will not take a picture verification of the client, so confirming the identity of the person who checked-in will not be available.
  • This will not take and record the check-in's GPS location, so confirming the location of the person who checked-in will not be available.
  • For uses and facilities who are currently using the call-in line, we highly recommend only use it as a secondary option. The ideal tool will be the Reconnect Community app.
  • Testing Pins can be found within the client profile page or with the initial documentation printed out for a client when they first begin their program with Reconnect.
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