A Case Manager needs to be able to plan and schedule the workweek in advance. This may be for reasons such as staffing, resource allocation, protocol, or planning. There will be a need to figure what the testing schedule will be through the drug randomization testing that Reconnect provided. Normally, a schedule is created and sent each night with the schedule of that day’s plan, but that would be too short of a notice. A schedule of a specific date range needs to be created.

This will be where we generate an Advanced Testing Schedule to help alleviate that.

What Can Be Done

How to Generate Advanced Testing

The first would be to identify the Calendar Group you would like to have a schedule of Advanced Testing, this could be all or just a specific group. The second would be to choose a date range in which you would like.


  1. From the Side Navigation Bar select the Calendar tab.
  2. In the Secondary Side Navigation Bar Select Advanced Testing
  3. Here you will Select which calendar group you would like to be tested and the date range.
  4. Select Generate Schedule
  5. Wait until the pop-up messages complete.

What has happened here is that each participant in that calendar group now has a test schedule generated for each day within that date range, if you were to go to their individual calendars you will be able to see that which days they are expected to come in.

Generating a Full Report

This method will only get you halfway to the desired goal. What just happened is that the Advanced Testing was generated for the desired group, but unless you are to look at each person’s testing schedule, there will not be a lot of information immediately available. What needs to happen now is that a report needs to be generated to provide you with the information that you just created.

How to Generate Your Testing Report

  1. From the Side Navigation Bar select the Report tab.
  2. You will be presented with a detailed report page.
  3. Select the same date range that you used for your Advanced Testing.
  4. Select the same calendar group that you selected for your Advanced Testing.
  5. Select Generate Report and a PDF file will be created with the information.

Things to Consider.

  • This is a great tool that can be used to identify if your current testing profiles are working to your desired specifications.
  • This can help you gain some insight to see if certain participants are having too many or too few days in between tests with your current testing profile.
  • If caseloads are being shared between case managers or staff within a facility this will have an effect on anyone involved with the groups having this performed on.
  • This may have an effect on the randomization and spontaneity of the testing of participants if that is the desired goal, the management of this tool and information will be crucial in achieving that goal.
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