An extra layer of accountability needs to be implemented for a participant and their location. There may be a sense that a phone is either being disconnected or left behind in situations where a client has been assigned inclusion and/or exclusion zones to the specifications of their program.

In most situations, the participant will have their phone in which they check-in, keep it on them, and adhere to their zone restrictions. There is concern about the time in between check-in moment. This is where the Randomized Check-Ins tool can be incredibly useful.

Randomized Check-Ins can be an extremely useful and powerful tool that can be used for clients under the 24/7 Location Tracking program and want to add an additional layer of randomness to prevent predictability of the software.

Randomized Check-Ins work in a way that you create a preferred window of time for a client in which you want to have this in effect, then you will decide the Average Number of Check-Ins you would want to have for that period. An example would be:

  • You assign Participant X a randomized check-in window from 12 PM to 8 PM with an average of 3 check-ins for that time frame. So that means that there can be zero to three check-ins given to Participant X within that 8 hours window and never exceeding more than one per hour.

This creates a very random pattern of check-ins to where a participant can never establish a reliable pattern of check-ins that they may be able to predict. This would make it riskier to engage in behavior to where disconnecting their Reconnect Community App or stepping away from their device would benefit them.

What Can Be Done

How to up Randomized Check-Ins

Identify the participant you want to assign Randomized Check-Ins, decide which time of their day you would like them to have this for, and how often you would like them to be checked on.

  1. From the Side Navigation Bar select Clients to go to the Client List
  2. Select the Client.
  3. From the secondary Side Navigation Bar select the Location tab
  4. Four options will appear, select Randomized Check-Ins.
  5. Select the Average Number of Check-Ins A Day
  6. Select the Time Range

How to Check the Result of a Test

The test results for a Randomized Check-In are placed in a different section of Reconnect Manager than most other tests or events. You will be able to find this under the Location tab of the Client's Profile and then the option of Location Check-Ins.

Upon completion of the Randomized Check-In you will be able to gather the following:

  • Date and Check-In Window
  • Time of the Check-In Submissions
  • Location Accuracy and Age
  • Map of the Location

Things to Consider

  • This tool works especially well if you are to pair it with Inclusion and/or Exclusion zones.
  • The Randomized Check-Ins will never exceed one check per hour.
  • This will continue to be active until it deactivated, the tool is Active/Inactive, management of it is highly encouraged.
  • This is part of the Reconnect Community 24/7 Location tracking package.
  • Once initiated a participant must check-in within 15 minutes.
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