Note: This feature is off by default. Reach out to Reconnect Support if you are interested in turning this on.

Clients can add events to their calendar directly in the Reconnect Community app, alleviating some of the case managers' scheduling workload. All events are sent to a case manager for approval after being entered by the client.

Client-Initiated Events in Reconnect Community

Creating a Client-Initiated Event

To create an event from the Reconnect Community app:

  1. Select the orange plus icon at the bottom of the app page.
  2. Select the appropriate category for your event
  3. Fill in the appropriate fields. Required fields will be flagged.
  4. Select Save

Checking In for a Client-Initiated Event

If the event start time is within 15 minutes of event creation, the participant will be immediately prompted to check-in with a photo.

If the event is scheduled for a future time then the participant will receive a check-in notification at the time of the event.

Approving a Client-Initiated Event

All client-initiated events are sent to the participant's case manager for approval.

Finding and Approving Events

To see events that need your approval:

  1. Go to the Reconnect Manager dashboard.
  2. Go to the Action Required section.
  3. Select the event that requires review to see more information.
  4. Approve or Disapprove the event.

Approved Events

If approved, the event will show up on the participant's calendar. If the event has already occurred then the participant's check-in information will display. This means participants can enter an event, check-in, and complete the event without waiting for case manager approval.

Disapproved Events

If disapproved, the event will not show up on the participant's calendar, even if the event has already occurred.

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