Payment Programs are used to design payment subscriptions for participants. These can be created to fit the needs of your program and participants.

Create a Payment Program

To create a Payment Program:

  1. Go to Settings, then Payments.
  2. Select the New Program button to create a new payment program.
  3. Name your payment program. This is the label that will display when assigning a subscription to a participant.
  4. Select the Products to include in this payment program.
  5. Save your program.

Editing or Removing a Payment Program

To edit or remove an existing payment program:

  1. Go to Settings, then Payments.
  2. If you want to edit an existing program, select it from the list on the left. Make your changes and Save when done.
  3. To remove a program, select is from the list on the left and scroll to the Remove Program button.

Note: Programs with an active participant subscription cannot be removed. To remove a program that is in use you must first remove the subscription from the participant profile.

Assign a Payment Program to a Client

Once you have created our Payment Program you can assign it to participants. This is done within the client's profile. For more details on how to do this, check out the Set Up a Subscription article.

Participant Subscription Payments

For more information about how participants can make payment and see previous subscriptions, check out the Self-Pay Instructions for Participants article.

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