Creating Facility Locations can help create locations that can be assigned to multiple users without having to create a location individually for each user profile.

Info: The creation of a Facility Location is only accessible to users with the User Permission of Administrator. Please refer to our support article regarding User Permissions.

Creating a Facility Location

From the Side Navigation Bar you can go to:
Settings>Facility Locations>Add New Location

Defining a Location

Once you select Add New Location you will be presented with a page where you are to create your location.

In this section you will be able to create:

  • Event Location
  • Inclusion Zones
  • Exclusion Zones

They can be defined by:

  • Address, this will be a fixed point that can be assigned a leniency range.
  • Area, this allows for customization and can be drawn on the map with the drawing icon.
  • State/County, this will allow you to designate entire geographical regions.

Assigning a Facility Location

This feature can be used in multiple ways. Ideally when assigning zones to a Client or when creating an Event with an Event Location needed for verification.

This example will demonstrate how to assign the Facility Location to a Client's Zones.

  • Go to Clients> Client Name>Location>Zones
  • Select Assign Locations

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