In a Client's Profile, you will be presented with the option to assign a Home Address and Leniency Range to their profile. This will help with Curfew Events, Bulk Curfew Events, and Location Verification during Events.

To Assign a Home Address

  • Navigate to Client list on the Side Navigation Bar
  • Select the Client
  • In the Client's Profile Scroll down to the Home Address Section
  • Input Address and auto-suggestion will generate an address

Tip: There may be instances where the inputted address may be off due to the uniqueness of the local geography, you will be able to move the pin on the map to the desired location that is more reflective of the address.

How to Move Pin

In the same section of Home Address within a Client Profile, you will be able to interact with the map presented to you so you can move the pin to a more representative location of the Home Address.

With the mouse, select the pin and move it to the desired location. The home address should not change.

Adjusting Leniency

Leniency will be necessary when setting a Home Address, the minimum requirement will be 300 feet. The leniency may be adjusted by inputting a number value in the Leniency Field or adjusting the boundaries within the interactive map by selecting and dragging the white dots.

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