Bulk Curfew allows you to add a curfew to your clients en masse. You will be able to add curfews to specific Client Groups, Testing Profiles, Check-In Windows, Calendars, Case Managers, or All.

The Curfew Event is tied to the specific Home Address of each individual client. You can find and assign their Home Address within their profiles.

To create a Curfew Event

  • Find The Curfew Event Tab on the Side Navigation Bar
  • Fill Out the Required* fields.
  • You may adjust Frequency to repeat daily or each month on the same specific day.
  • You may Remind Client Before Event with varying units of either hours and/or days.
  • Check-In Deadline will give the client a specific window of time that they must accomplish the task.
  • Hide Event From Mobile App will keep the event out of the client's daily task list.
  • Once the necessary fields have been satisfied, you can choose which clients this will have an effect on by navigating down the screen to Selected Clients.

Selecting Clients

You may Select Clients by:

The listed items have been linked to additional articles that may assist further.

Removing Specific Clients From an Event Group

There may be situations where you may want to exclude specific clients from selected groups for the Curfew Event. When selecting the client group you will be presented with a client list from that specific group.

Each Client name will have an option to be removed from the group by selecting the Red X at the end of each line.

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