Here at Reconnect, we’ve been pretty adamant about saving you time in any way we can, and we want that to translate to the participant app. That’s why we’ve improved location-based check-ins so participants can quickly check in without skipping a beat.

Check out how else we’re saving you and your participants time below!

Faster Check-In Time

Participant check-ins can be performed faster than ever with improved location verification. Check out this support article on how to optimize any device’s location accuracy.

Support for Spanish

We’re proud to unveil a Spanish version of Reconnect Community! To access the Spanish enabled version, participants will follow three simple steps:

  1. Update to the new version (4.1.0) of Reconnect Community.

  2. Change the phone’s operating system language to Spanish.

  3. Close and reopen the app to see the changes.

What’s been translated?
In-app elements (buttons, text not derived from the API, etc.). Some elements—notifications, portions of street addresses, and some forms—remain in English.

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