Setting Up Subscriptions

Subscriptions allow programs to gather fees from participants directly. Before using subscriptions, you will first need to make sure the feature has been enabled for your program. Please reach out to your account manager for more information and to get started with a subscription.

Creating a Payment Program

Payment programs are used to determine what is included in a participant's subscription, and need to be created before assigning subscriptions to participants. For steps to create payment programs to fit your needs, check out the Payment Programs article.

Assign a Participant Subscription

To assign a subscription to a participant:

  1. Open the participant profile.
  2. In the left-hand menu, select Subscription.
  3. Select the appropriate Program from the drop-down to assign a new subscription.
  4. Enter the appropriate Start Date and End Date for the participant's subscription.
  5. Click Save.

Note: Participants must activate the subscription within 24 hours of creation. To do this they must log into the payment portal and enter their payment information.

View Subscription Status and History

To see a participant's subscription status or history:

  1. Open the participant's profile.
  2. Select Subscriptions. The participant's current subscription will display, showing you the program information, subscription dates, and payment status.
  3. To see previous subscriptions, select Subscription History.
  4. Select a subscription to see additional information.

Remove Subscriptions

To remove a subscription from a participant's profile:

  1. Open the participant's profile and go to Subscription.
  2. Select the Remove button at the bottom of the page.

Note: You can only remove active subscriptions. This action cannot be undone.

Monitoring Subscriptions

Updating Existing Subscriptions

Active participant subscriptions cannot be updated. If the dates or selected program need to be updated, remove the participant's subscription and create a new one.

Payment programs can be edited through the Payments page under Settings. Any updates will immediately reflect in any active participant subscriptions using that payment program.

Subscription Statuses

There are a number of possible subscription statuses:

  • Awaiting Activation: When you have assigned a subscription but the participant has not logged in to enter payment information then subscription is not considered activated and will have this status.
  • Awaiting Payment: The participant has entered payment information but a successful payment has not been made. This often happens if the card entered has insufficient funds, or if a card has expired since it was first entered.
  • Overdue: If no payment attempt is made (no payment information entered) within 24 hours of subscription creation then the subscription status becomes Overdue.
  • Active: The participant has made all payments for their subscription.
  • Deactivated: We attempted to complete a payment with the given payment information three times and failed.
  • Cancelled: This is the status given to removed subscriptions.


Failure to pay will result in a violation for the participant. There are two violations for subscription payments:

  • No Payment Attempt: If there is no payment information entered within 24 hours of subscription assignment then the participant will receive this violation. Subsequent violations will occur after 15, 30, and 45 days if no payment attempt is made.
  • Failed Payment: Participants will receive this violation whenever a payment attempt with the information provided fails. Participants should confirm that the entered payment information is correct.

Participant Subscription Payments

When you assign a subscription to a participant, they will receive an email and be prompted to make a payment. There are two ways that can be done:

  1. Using the subscription portal online ( This link is included in the email sent to participants. Participants will need to sign in with their username and PIN to make a payment.
  2. Through the Reconnect Community app.

For more information about how participants can make payment and see previous subscriptions, check out the Self-Pay Instructions for Participants article.

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