Access a client profile to view their information and take action on their account. To see more information on adding a client and editing their basic information, check out Add or Edit a Client Profile.

To View a Client Profile

  1. Navigate to Clients
  2. Use the filters to find the client.
  3. Click on a client's name to view more information


Allows case managers and clients to securely message one another via the Reconnect Community app.


Displays the client's violations, including the violation status, type, and date of occurrence. Select a violation to excuse or confirm, or to add notes.


Find information about the client's testing.

  • Tests: Displays a list of the client's testing history, including the date, check-in information, whether a test was required, the results of a test, and any notes. Test results and notes must be manually entered by staff, which can be done from this page.
  • Future Scheduled Tests: Displays the client's upcoming tests if advance scheduling has been used.
  • Calendar: Displays a calendar view of past days and whether the client was required to test. You can leave notes on the calendar, which include author information and a time stamp along with the note content.

Note: You can force or excuse a client for specific days through the calendar. For more information on how to do that, see Force/Excuse Testing for Specific Clients.


Events can be used to perform curfew and location checks, and provide reminders to check in with case managers, for court appointments, sobriety meetings, and more.

  • Events: See past and upcoming events added by facility staff.
  • Add Event: Add an event or reminder for a client.
  • Event Check-Ins: View the event check-in history for a client, including a photo of the client, event name, location of check-in, date and time, and status of the check-in.

Tip: Click here for an article that explains adding, editing, and viewing events in more depth.


If using location tracking for a client, find that information here. The Location tab will show the last known location on a map.

  • Location History: Displays the location history for a specific date range. The date range can be changed via the drop-down menu.
  • Location Check-Ins: Displays a history of location-based check-ins.
  • Zones: Displays inclusion and exclusion zones for the client. You can also add, assign, and edit locations here.
  • Randomized Check-Ins: Setup randomized check-ins to verify the location of the client.


A list of forms completed by the client will be available to view by selecting the eye icon on the form row.


Generate a PDF report for an individual client.

Client Report

To generate the client report:

  • Set the Start and End Dates.
  • Filter for Daily Check-Ins, Scheduled Check-Ins, and Violations.
  • Click Generate Report.

The Client Report contains the following:

Daily Check-Ins

  • Day: Day of check-in.
  • Checked In: Whether the client checked in on that day.
  • Test Required: Whether the client was required to test that day.
  • Time of Check-In: The time the client checked-in.
  • Checked In From: How the client checked-in (Reconnect Community app or call-in).
  • Results: Test results for the day if recorded.
  • Notes: Displays notes entered by the client's case manager.

Scheduled Check-Ins

  • Day: Day of check-in.
  • Check-In Window: The time available for the client to check-in.
  • Completed?: Whether the client completed the check-in.
  • Event Name: The name of the event the client needed to check-in for.
  • Event Location: The location of the event.
  • Check-In Location: The location of the client's check-in.
  • Distance: How far the check-in location is from the event location.


  • Day: Day of violation.
  • Status: The status of the violation.
  • Violation Type: The type of violation that was logged for the client.
  • Notes: Notes entered by the client's case manager.


Generate a transcript of messages sent between a client and a specific case manager for a given date range.

Baseline Images

Displays images of the client's face that they take via the app. After the images are manually approved here, the images are used with our facial recognition software for future check-ins.


Add or view notes about the client.


Find information about a client's device if they are using the Reconnect Community app.

  • Connected Devices: Displays the type of devices the client has logged in from, the last time the app connected to our servers from the device, and the last known battery life of the device. Select the device for more information about allowed permissions.
  • Notifications: Displays the notifications sent to the client's device along with the time and date it was sent.
  • Request Check-In: Request a client to check-in within 15, 30, or 45 minutes. The time is set via a drop-down and can include a message with the request.
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