To View Active and Inactive Profiles

In your client list, you can sort the list to show Active, Inactive, or all client profiles:

  • Under the Active column, select the sort box.
  • Select Any, Active, or Inactive to sort.
  • By default, only active profiles display on the list. Active clients are considered billable depending on the financial agreement your organization has with Reconnect.

Note: A red or green checkmark next to a client's name or under the App column does not indicate if a client is Active or Inactive, it tells you if they have an active app connection.

Making a User Active or Inactive

Clients can be made Active and Inactive through their profile. Making a client Inactive will not remove a client's profile from your facility's system and their history will be saved for future use if necessary. Inactive clients are not considered billable.

To make a client inactive:

  • Access the client's profile from the Client List.
  • In the client's profile, find the Active field.
  • Switch to No to inactivate the client.
  • Select Save.

Tip: Clients can be reactivated by using the same steps. Simply switch the Active field back to Yes.

Removing Inactive Profiles

If you are confident that you no longer need a client's profile, information, or history, you can remove them from your system after they have been made inactive.

Tip: Consider leaving a client as Inactive instead of removing them. This will give you access to their history and allow for quick reactivation, should it be necessary.

To remove an inactive profile:

  • Access the inactive client's profile from the Client List.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the profile page
  • Select Remove Participant. This option will only appear in an inactive profile.
  • Select Confirm.
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