Users can see their clients' schedules, new messages, open violations, and the check-in report in one easy view.


Staff can now see the schedule for all their participants in one place. Events scheduled for the day will automatically display on the left side of the dashboard. Scroll to see the entire day’s schedule and use the arrows to move to other days.

Check-In Report

The check-in report displays all the required check-ins for the day. You can easily see who has checked in and who is required to test, and can select a participant to see more information.

Tip: If you need more information or more advanced filtering, click Full Report to go to Reports.


See any new messages from the dashboard in the Messages section. Select the message to navigate to the chat and respond.


Easily see the most recent outstanding violations on the dashboard. Select a violation to see more information, enter notes, or act on it. You can also print the violation information right from the pop-up.

Tip: If you need more information or want to filter the list, click See More to navigate to the Violations tab.

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