This form can be scheduled monthly or sent ad hoc, and staff can view the form entries in Reconnect Manager if filled out within the assigned window.

Schedule a Form

1. Select the Forms tab on the left side of the page.

2. Next select Assign a Form from the options that have populated to the right of the Forms button.

3. You are now prompted to fill out the parameters you would like for this form.

Here are a few notable parameters:

  • Start and End date - make sure to set the correct window for the client(s) to fill out the form. These are dates of the month when your client can fill out the form.
  • Frequency - if you would like this form to automatically be re-assigned every month, you must select that under the frequency drop-down menu.
  • Send location - if you would like to know your client’s location when submitting their form, you must select “Yes” under the Send Location drop-down menu.
  • Verification - if you would like to have a check-in (client takes a photo of themselves) attached to the form, you must select "check-in" under the Verification drop-down menu.

4. Once you’re happy with the parameters, scroll down the page and select client(s) from the filters on the left. There are many filters to choose from that let you, for example, select all clients from a specific group, or all clients assigned to a specific case manager. You may also omit a client by pressing the red X to the right of the client’s name in the generated list.

5. When you are done selecting your client(s), click the orange “Assign Form” button on the bottom left of the page. Once you’ve done this, your client(s) will have the form assigned to them for the date and time you’ve specified.

Participants Complete Form

Tip: Participants must be logged in to the Reconnect Community app (4.0 or greater) to receive and complete the form.

Participants will see the form available to fill on the Reconnect Community app home screen.

Upon selecting the Form button, participants will be prompted to fill out the form.

Tip: If the participant has filled out the form before, fields will be pre-populated with prior responses (with the exception of the Contact with Law Enforcement questions).

Once the form is completed and sent, participants will receive a confirmation. The form will also move from current tasks to completed.

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