Events allow facility staff to schedule client check-ins via Reconnect Community on their iOS or Android devices. These events and notifications can be used for checking in with case managers, attending meetings, upcoming court dates, and more. Events can also be triggered based on the client's location.

Add a New Client Check-In Event

  1. Open the client profile from the Client List.
  2. Go to Events, and then to Add Event.
  3. Fill in the event information and Save the event.

Information Included in an Event

The following information can be added to a new event:

  • Event Title (required)
  • Start Date (required)
  • Start Time (required)
  • End Date (required)
  • End Time (required)
  • Frequency: How often, if at all, should the event repeat.
  • Remind Client Before Event: There are two available event reminders that can be set by ticking the checkboxes. If the box is checked, the participant will receive an app notification the specified amount of time prior to the event.
  • Description: A description of the event that is visible to the participant.
  • Hide Event From Mobile App (required): If set to Yes, the participant will not see the event on their calendar. Use this for events that a participant should not know about in advance.
  • Notes: Notes about the event that are only visible to program staff.
  • Check-In Deadline: The amount of leeway, in minutes, a client is given before a check-in violation is processed. (e.g. a 15-minute deadline for a check-in scheduled at 2 p.m. would result in a violation if the participant fails to check-in by 2:15 p.m.)
  • Location Verification: Determine whether the participant should verify their location when checking in for the event. See below for descriptions of these options.

Location Verification Options

The following are the available location verification options:

  • Do Not Verify Location: Clients will not be required to verify their location when checking in for the event.
  • Verify on Arrival: Creates a check-in window lasting 15 minutes before and after the start time of the event. This is a good option for events that require the participant to be there at the start, such as a work shift or AA meeting.
  • Verify at Set Time: Clients will be asked to verify their location at a specific time of your choosing.
  • Verify Randomly: Clients will be asked to verify their location at some point during the event based on the odds that you set. This is a good option when a participant should be in a given location for a stretch of time, like a curfew.

View, Edit, or Remove an Event

To see a client's schedule of events:

  1. Open their profile.
  2. Go to Events.
  3. All events will be shown on the client's calendar.
  4. To edit or remove an event, select the event and click the pencil icon.
  5. To edit, make the appropriate changes and select Save.
  6. To remove, scroll down and click the Remove button.

Note: You cannot delete or modify past events.

View Event Check-In History

To see a client's check-in history:

  1. Open the client profile and go to Events.
  2. Go to Event Check-Ins.
  3. Click on a row to see more information about a specific check-in, including a photo of the client, check-in location compared to the set event location, and any notifications sent to the participant about the event.
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