Hardware-Free Location Monitoring

Reconnect Community Application allows for 24/7 phone-based location monitoring that can be used to monitor your clients through the location of the device. Identity is confirmed through biometric facial verification. Hardware-Free Location Monitoring allows the client's current location, location history, and location check-ins to be logged and utilized for review. Hardware-Free Location Monitoring can be used to create Inclusion or Exclusion Zones to have better control of your client's location.

Viewing a Client's Current Location

Go to Clients > Client List > Client Name > Location

Tip: The client's location will be based on the last ping received from the client's device.

  • To enable Location Monitoring it must first be turned on in the client's profile. Go to Clients > Client List > Client Name > scroll down to Permissions > Location Monitoring > Enable
  • Location monitoring can also be disabled at any time by Clients > Client List > Client Name > scroll down to Permissions > Location Monitoring > Disable

Location History Will show you the client's location history within the desired date range.

  • Go to Clients > Client List > Client Name > Location > Location History
  • Select Date Range
  • The client's path is shown in purple.
  • Areas with multiple location data points collected will show as blue, yellow, or red circles, which you can click to zoom in on the location.
  • A time graph is shown below the map of distance traveled.

Location Check-Ins

Location Check-Ins logs created a record of the client's location Check-Ins. The records can be sorted by reason for check-in, time of the check-in, and if they checked-in or not. Selecting a record will bring up details of the Check-In such as; Image of the Check-In verification, map location and address of the Check-in, date and time, Check-In Window, and Location accuracy/age.

  • Go to Clients > Client List > Client Name > Location > Location Check-Ins
  • Shows the history of Random Check-in requests.
  • Select the check-in record to view more details.


Zones allow you to create zones that your client must abide by. They can come in the form of an inclusion zone where they are bound to stay within or an exclusion zone where they are not permitted to enter, a zone can also be used to activate an event.

  • Go to Clients > Client List > Client Name > Location > Zones
  • Add Location name
  • Choose Type (Inclusion, Exclusion, Event Location)
  • Choose Definition (Address, Area, State/County)
  • Select Start Time and End Time
  • Add Description
  • Click Add Location

Definition of a Zone

  • Address - Type in any address. Search suggestions will appear below the field as you type. You can change the size of the zone by changing the Allowed Lenience or by adjusting the circle on the map by clicking and dragging on the points.
  • Area - After selecting area, look for the Draw shape button on the map. Click on the map to create points and draw lines. You can make any number of points.
  • State/County - Select a state. All counties will be pre-selected. You can remove all counties by selecting the X on the right side of the county field.

Type of Zone

  • Inclusion - You will be alerted when the client leaves this zone.
  • Exclusion - You will be alerted when the client enters this zone.

Tip: Exclusion Zones can bet set within Inclusion Zones

  • Exclusion/Inclusion Zones Clients who are part of an Exclusion/Inclusion Zone will have a map outlining these areas as part of their info sheet
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