Send an Announcement

  • Click on Communications in the left sidebar, then select Announcements.
  • In the Set Announcement section, compose an announcement message in the Message field.
  • Select the date you wish to send the message in the Select Date field.
  • Click on the Set Announcement button.
  • Announcements set for today's date reveal an optional Push Notification checkbox below the message field. Push notifications let any participant with an active app connection know about the announcement immediately.
  • Announcements are visible for participants throughout the day in the Reconnect Community home screen.

Tip: If a participant checks-in using the call-in line, they will hear the announcement spoken to them on the selected date.

  • Announcements can be updated by clicking on the Update button below the message.

Tip: If the message is set for today's date, you will see a Push Notification checkbox -- if selected, participants with an active app connection will be alerted to a change immediately.

  • Future announcements can be deleted by clicking on the Update button below the message.

Warning: You cannot delete a message sent on today's date.

Tip: If you wish to send a message to a select group, you can use Bulk Message in Communications > Bulk Message.

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