Add a Client

  1. To add clients, navigate to Clients > Add Client
  2. Enter First Name and Last Name
  3. Client ID is optional

Note: If you want to create a test client you must follow the appropriate naming convention. The name must be "Test Client" or "Test Client#", where # is a numeric ending and Client# is a single word. This is case-sensitive, so both the first and last names must be capitalized. Your facility can have up to three test clients. Any other active client will be counted in your monthly invoice.

Client Profile Info

Open a client's profile to edit their information or fill it out after adding them to your program.

Profile Info

  • Username: A username (or phone number) is required in order to use the Reconnect Community app. A username must be at least three characters, unique, and begin with a letter. Only letters, numbers, and underscores may be used for usernames. This field will only appear if Reconnect Community is enabled for the user.
  • Testing Pin: A unique 6 digit PIN clients use to check-in (this will auto-generate if left blank).
  • Active: Set to Yes or No depending on the client's status in your program.
  • Participant ID: Optional field for an additional client identifier.
  • Primary Phone and Email Address: Optional fields for participant contact information.
  • Date of Birth: Optional for increased privacy.
  • Gender: Select from Male, Female, or Other.
  • Reconnect Smartphone Identifier: All Reconnect-branded smartphones ship with a unique identifier. By supplying the provided identifier (included in the package), you're confirming you have received and assigned the smartphone to a participant.
  • Notes: Field for any additional notes about the client.

Home Address

  • Address: Enter the client's home address.
  • Lenience: Used when the client's home address is associated with check-ins, events, or zones to determine if the client is close enough to the address.

Testing Information

  • Testing Profile: Determines the test type(s) and frequency for the client.
  • Check-in Window: The time of day clients are able to check-in.
  • Calendar: Facilities using multiple calendars will need to select the appropriate calendar.
  • Client Group: Used to group clients. A common use is to group clients by gender if samples must be collected by a male or female.
  • Case Manager: Set the case manager for the selected client.


Permissions allow you to enable or disable call-in and app check-ins for your clients on an individual basis, as well as enable 24/7 location tracking for a client.

  • Call: Allow clients to call the facility phone number to check-in.
  • App Check-In: Allow clients to check-in via the Reconnect Community app.
  • Location Tracking: Turn on 24/7 location tracking.

Tip: Learn more about location monitoring.

To learn more about the information you can access in a client's profile, check out Explore a Client Profile.

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