May 2020

In May 2020, Reconnect completed its transition from Call2test. While a number of newer features were available in both interfaces, many are only available in Reconnect. Below is an outline of key features added since the original inception.

  • Reconnect Community (formerly ConnectComply): Our Android and iOS-compatible app is the link to your participants.

  • Events: Events allow facility staff to schedule client check-ins via Reconnect Community on iOS or Android smartphones. This feature can be used for different kinds of events, such as checking in with case managers, attending meetings, upcoming court dates, curfew, and more. Staff can also verify the participant's location at the event. How to Perform Curfew and Location Checks Support Article

  • Self-report Forms: Staff can now send a self-report form to participants to be filled via the Reconnect Community app on their iOS or Android smartphones. This form can be scheduled weekly, monthly or sent ad hoc, and staff can view the form entries in Reconnect Manager if filled out within the assigned window. Sending Forms Support Article

  • Violations: Our Violations interface is used to track the progress of clients in your program. Staff may choose to Excuse or Confirm a violation and include notes about any recorded incidents. Examples of violations include late, missed, or out-of-bounds event check-ins, failed test results, inclusion/exclusion zone violations, and biometric violations. Violations Support Article

  • Bulk messages: Bulk Messaging allows you to send the same message to a group of active clients based on the criteria of your choice. Bulk Message

  • Video chat: Secure, HIPAA compliant, and as simple as one-click, video chat with your participants from the Reconnect Manager web application. Case Managers call participants through the Messages interface. Shortly afterward, a recording of the call is available for the manager. Video chat Support Article

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