Each day on a facility calendar can be set to a Day Type that determines whether there is testing.

Day Types

There are four options for Day Type:

  • Not Set: No check-ins and no testing. Participants will not be able to check in on these days.
  • Test: Test randomization will be performed. Participants will need to check in to determine if they are required to test.
  • Check-In Only: Participants will need to check-in but no one will be asked to test. To a participant, these days look the same as a Test day, so they will not know that no testing will be scheduled.
  • Reduced Testing: Test randomization will be performed, but there will be a reduced capacity for the number of tests that can be scheduled. This is a good option if there are days when there are fewer testing staff working.

Note: Reduced testing is turned off by default. Please reach out to Reconnect Support if you are interested in using this feature.

Setting the Default Schedule

To determine the default schedule for a calendar:

  1. Go to Calendar, then to Edit Calendar.
  2. If your facility has multiple calendars, select the one you want to edit from the Edit Calendar dropdown.
  3. Select the Start Date for when the changes should take effect. Any changes to an active calendar will overwrite all schedules after this date.
  4. Use the radio buttons to assign a Day Type to each day of the week.
  5. Select Save Changes when finished.
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