Call your participants through the Messages interface. Shortly afterward, a recording of the call will become available.

Initiating a Video Chat

From a Smartphone

  • Open the Reconnect Manager app
  • Go to Messages and select the message thread of the participant you wish to chat with.
  • Select the green Camera icon in the top right corner to initiate the video chat.
  • You can turn off your video by tapping the Camera icon during a call. The camera icon will have a diagonal line through it while your video is off. Note that participants can not disable their video.

From a Computer or Tablet

  • Go to the Communications tab.
  • Select an existing conversation, or select New Conversation at the top right and search for the client with whom you'd like to chat.
  • Click on the green Camera icon at the bottom right to initiate a video call.

Note: If the video icon is grayed out or not selectable, it means the participant is not using a device that is compatible with our video chat services.

Troubleshooting Video Chat

  • Confirm the participant is using a compatible device. Video chat requires Android 8 or higher and is compatible with most versions of iOS.
  • Make sure any physical camera blockers are open and volume is not muted.
  • Access to microphone and camera must not be blocked in browser settings.
  • If the call is made but does not ring on the participant's end, make sure they have downloaded the most recent version of the app.
  • There are known issues with Motorola devices. If using one, reach out to Support for more information.
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