Creating a Bulk Message

Note: A bulk message will be added to each individual client's conversation within the inbox. Bulk messaging does not create a group conversation.

To create and send a bulk message:

  1. Navigate to the Communication tab, then to Bulk Message.
  2. In the Message window, create your custom message.
  3. Use the filters under Select Clients to create the list of clients who should receive your message.
  4. Click Send Message to send.

Note: Multiple criteria can be chosen under Select Clients, and individual clients can be deselected from the Selected Clients list on the right.

Bulk Message Log

The Bulk Message Log keeps records of all bulk messages that have been sent. To see the details of past messages:

  1. Navigate to the Communication tab, then to Log.
  2. Use the column titles to sort the message log by date, sender, or message.
  3. To see more details, select the desired message.
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