Events allow facility staff to schedule client check-ins via Reconnect Community on their iOS or Android smartphones.  These events and notifications can be used for events such as checking in with case managers, attending meetings, upcoming court dates, and more.  Events can also be triggered based on the client's location.

Add a new client check-in event

Navigate to Clients
Select a client and click on their name to view their profile
Click EventsAdd Event

The following information can be added to a new event:
Add a short and descriptive Event Title (required)
Set the Date and Time of requested check

You can set events to repeat with the following criteria:
Does not repeat (default)
Repeats every day
Repeats every week
Custom Repeat

Repeat events start from the day you set the event. For example, if you set the event on a Wednesday to repeat every week, the next reminder will be on a Wednesday as well.

There are two available Event Reminders that can be activated by selecting their respective checkboxes.  Set the checkboxes to remind clients of an upcoming event; reminders can be set in increments of minutes or hours.
Event Description is used for more detailed information and is visible to the client.
Setting Hide Event from Mobile App to Yes will hide the event from the clients calendar in Reconnect Community. This is used for curfew checks to help obscure the time a client will be asked to check-in.
Notes may be used for more detailed information; event notes are not visible to the client, only to staff.
Check-in Deadline The amount of leeway, in minutes, a client is given before a check-in violation is processed. (e.g. a 15 minute deadline for a check-in scheduled at 2 p.m. would result in a violation if the participant fails to check in by 2:15 p.m.)

You can also set Location verification with the following criteria:
Do not verify location: Clients will not be required to verify their location
Verify on arrival: Creates a check-in window lasting 15 minutes before and after the start time of the event; this can be used for work, AA meetings, etc.
Verify at set time: Clients will be asked to verify their location at a time of your choosing.
Verify randomly: Client may be required to check in upon arrival at a location of your choosing; you can set the location and the odds that verification will be required.

View an event

Events may be viewed by opening a client's profile and then Events

You can choose to display calendar information in the following formats:
Agenda: Agenda view will display events in a list format

Click on an event to view its contents.

View event check-in history

Click Event Check-ins to view the client's check-in history.  Click on any event to view the following information:
A photo of the client from their check in
Date requested for the client's check in
The requested Event Time
Event Location records where they were at the time of check-in
A Map of where the check-in occurred
Check-in Window will display the span of time clients are allowed to check in
Notifications Sent records any event notifications the client would have received

Remove an event

While viewing the event you wish to delete, click Remove Event

Tip: You cannot delete or modify past events

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